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We are Jelajah Kalimantan Travel Services, we can arrange your trip to Borneo Island in Indonesia for Tanjung Puting National Park, Derawan Islands, Bamboo Rafting & Floating Market at South Borneo etc.

Tanjung Puting National Park Tour Package is one of our services. The hidden paradise in Central Kalimantan/Borneo, Indonesia.

Tanjung Puting National Park

- Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan (3D2N). The destination where you can find a great jungle of Borneo/Kalimantan. To visit this place, we can bring you to the jungle with a boat (live on board trip). There are so many things to see. Like a jungle, river, and so a lot orang utans there..! You can meet and see orang utans in their jungle. 

Our package for foreigner tourist is starting from IDR. 4.500.000/2 persons/private trip. The price are included boat live on board, meals & drink, car from airport to the port, local guide, and pass fee to the national park. The price are excluded flight from Jakarta and others city to Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan return.

 a little description of Tanjung Puting tour :

Day 1 :

- Transfer from airport/hotel to the port
- lunch on board while river cruising to the national park areas
- enjoying national park to meet orang utans, jungle trekking etc at Tanjung Harapan
- see bekantan (one of kind local monkey) while river cruising
- dinner and sleep on boat with a quiet condition (feel the real taste of Borneo)

Day 2

- breakfast while river cruising
- bekantan and bird watching
- lunch
- trekking and meet orang utans at Pondok Tanggui and Camp Leakey
- enjoying a coffee and tea at evening
- dinner and sleep (free time)

Day 3

- river cruise
- bird watching
- back to the airport/hotel in the city

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jelajah kalimantan trip organiser

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Raffaell mengatakan...

Mantap, sekarang jadi tour guide apa udah bisnis tour guide mas ?

Qoreader mengatakan...

I can review your trip on my blog, dude.. keep it up.

Tour di Bali mengatakan...

ada asuransinya ga tour di kalimantan?? safety guarantee??

jelajah kalimantan mengatakan...

iya,, ada asuransi nya...silakan email kalo mau tau lbh banyak...ke



kalimantan tours mengatakan...

Kalimantan Tours
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Samarinda - East Kalimantan
Phone +62 8125846578
@mail info@kalimantantours.com

Aang Bae mengatakan...

bisa infoin budget klo hanya 1 orang?rencana awal mei pengen ke sana.bisa di email ke aangdoank@gmail.com

Terima kasih.

baktiar jalil mengatakan...

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